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Steel staircases

These are steps in the implementation of the individual stages of the steel sheet thickness 10 mm with standard pruning each stage.

Steel staircase allows the client and atypical production of stairs. Allows you to select a custom shape and quantity of prunings and also the staircase to produce virtually any diameter.

Standard staircase is made of natural steel sheet thickness 10mm, as well as accessories stairs (landing, columns, railings, handrails, ev girder railing posts etc). If interested, you can replace natural material steel to stainless steel with various surface finishes. Basic finish all the elements stairs fixation is the natural surface of the steel material transparent repellent spray with a silky sheen.

The shape and type of pruning, diameter and material can be selected at the same time significantly affect the final price of the final staircase.

Depending on the above production possibilities of the stairs is to use the staircase very versatile - from interiors of private space with a focus on excellent design detail to fully functional staircase as in industrial buildings.

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