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Staircase with glass treads

For quite exceptional contemporary interiors have been developed staircase with glass treads.

Substructure each section based on the staircase structure grades of casting aluminum alloy or steel. These levels of support are used, which also serves as a fastening elements for a glass railing posts.

For foot traffic is used tempered glass or laminated tempered glass. Wear edge of the glass is fitted with a slight safety radius.

The surface of the glass can be clear - clear glass, or the surface may be provided with graphic labeling - plotting graphics. Landing of this staircase is made only with steel supports.

Accessories staircase - balusters, handrail, ev. girders individual columns and other accessories are made of row steel or stainless steel. Finish of these elements is the fixation of the natural surface coating tranparent repellent finish, with stainless steel and aluminum to finish "brushed".

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