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Company PUURE SPACE took over production of spiral staircase ru2, that are realized from the year 1996. From the first realization the staircase progressed large development and received new technical manufactory.

Individual types of spiral staircases differ from each other by material used for production for individual levels:

  • steel sheets – natural black or stainless steel
  • aluminum alloy
  • combanation of aluminum alloy / steel with a glass footplate

Standart radius of the staircase is 900mm and 750 mm, anticlockwise (gate toward rotation from the bottom to the top).

Staircase accessories (is not delivered standartly with the staircase):

  • railing, output gallery staircase (continuation railing of the staircase around the output or the gallery staircase)
  • glass railing, output gallery on point handles
  • security girders to columns staircase
  • child security elements (nets, automotive net)
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